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Welcome To Adornet Jewels
Our stones are made in a lab. By scientists. For you.
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We at 'Adornet Jewels' create Diamonds of the future, Laboratory-Grown Diamonds.
The Art of Science which Sparkles

Real Diamonds

Laboratory grown Diamonds looks as same as Real Diamonds which are mined from the Earth and they are also called as Synthetic Diamonds and Cultured Diamonds.

Superior Quality

Synthetic Diamonds are tend to trade at a discount relative to mined diamonds of a similar quality. It's discount is calculated on the size of the stone, its quality and its shape, but can easily volume to 20%.

Growing Methods

There are two main methods for the production of lab-grown diamonds, HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) and CVD (chemical vapour deposition). HPHT stones are made by subjecting carbon in the form of graphite to extreme heat and pressure by means of a mechanical press and electrical current; CVD diamonds are ‘grown’ at much lower pressures by building up layers on a base surface from a surrounding carbon plasma cloud.